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Article: The best face cream: what it means

La mejor crema facial: lo que significa

The best face cream: what it means

Which is a good face cream ? Someone will say: texture, natural ingredients, packaging... someone will pay attention to the price. In part, everyone will be right. Together with the experts of the Spanish company Natura Belaya, we will try to find out the main criteria for choosing the best face cream. Make sure you read the article very carefully.

Criterion 1. Age

A good cream is a cream that meets the age-related needs of your skin.

14+ It is the age at which moisturizing creams can be used without any problem. Oily shine, blackheads and enlarged pores are eliminated using anti-inflammatory creams.

25+ – here cosmetics will come to your rescue, resisting the first wrinkles.

30+ – it's time to apply the anti-aging cream.

45+ – menopause and restructuring of the body are approaching. A woman's skin becomes thinner, begins to lose its relief, the first deep wrinkles appear on the face.

Criterion 2. Skin type

What is your skin type? Until you know the answer to this question, Natura Belaya specialists do not recommend buying a cream.

If you have skin:

  • Dry:

“demands” from the product not only hydration, but also the ability to retain moisture in the skin for a long time.

  • Fat:

It is a type that produces sebum in high doses. Another such problem is oily shine.

  • Dehydrated:

Restoration of the lipid barrier is necessary. It also requires constant moisture retention.

  • Sensitive:

It is easily irritated but is “calmed” with creams. Facial creams relieve irritation, peeling and redness.

  • Flaccid:

The skin, for whose balance lifting is used – products and creams to moisturize.

  • Normal

It is a type of perfect skin and few have it, but it also requires versatile cosmetic products.

If you still don't know what type of skin you have, contact Natura Belaya. Here you can get all the answers and resolve your doubts. Request your free consultation to determine your skin type!

Criterion 3. Lifestyle

An interesting fact! Living conditions have a tremendous impact on one of a woman's main concerns: the condition of her skin.

For city dwellers, it is best to buy creams with powerful antioxidants.

Sunscreen is necessary if you live in an area where there are many sunny days a year.

The condition of the skin also depends on the quality of sleep. With lack of sleep, the skin becomes dull and thinner. Solution: buy a cream with hyaluronic acid.

Healthy skin means you have adequate nutrition. Do you want a healthy glow on your face? Make sure to include sea fish, avocado, citrus fruits, seaweed and vegetables.

Criterion 4. Expiration date

In this case, everything is simple! Do not use expired cosmetics. Otherwise, your skin will become irritated. How do you know if a cream has expired? The texture becomes irregular. An unpleasant odor appears and changes color.

We have told you all the tricks to determine what your perfect cream should be like. Take note and good luck with the choice.

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