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Article: How to choose anti-aging facial cosmetics

Cómo elegir cosméticos faciales anti-envejecimiento

How to choose anti-aging facial cosmetics

What is the key to beautiful and young skin? The answer is correct and adequate care. You have to choose cosmetics well. But how do you do it? How to choose the cosmetics anti-aging and be really young and beautiful for a long time? Natura Belaya will help you get the answer to these and other questions.

Buying anti-aging cosmetics without knowing your needs is a waste of money and time. Follow these useful tips for a good facial treatment selection:

1. It doesn't have to be expensive. A quality anti-aging cream costs less than you think. Because? The secret lies in the components and production technology.

2. Look at the composition. In order for the anti-aging cream to be truly high-quality, a combination of high-quality components is needed to moisturize, even out tone, relax and tone. These components include: plant extract, hyaluronic acid, natural oils, amino acids, etc.

3. Do not mix products from different brands. Solving skin problems with products from one brand is much more effective. For example, Natura Belaya's anti-aging creams with anti-wrinkle effect combine perfectly with the serum, eye contour or floral toner. For a visible effect in 2 weeks.

What is the difference between a firming treatment and a smoothing treatment?

A firming facial cream has a contouring effect. The agent that rejuvenates the skin of the eyelids is called: “Anti-wrinkle” or “Smoothing”. These products are excellent for reducing wrinkles, hydrating the skin and increasing its density. If volume has been lost or bags have begun to appear under the eyes, then cosmetics will help fade these age “scratches.”

When and how to apply anti-aging care?

The anti-aging product does not require any special ritual for its application. The only condition is the regularity of use.

The application can be following:

• In the morning, after washing with Bioface, apply floral water according to skin type. An important fact! Remember that after cleansing the skin loses moisture. Based on this, the floral water tonic should be applied quickly and abundantly.

• During the day, beautiful skin can be maintained with healthy lifestyle habits: do not abuse sweets, drink at least 1.5 liters of water a day and be emotionally positive.

• The night is a time of special attention. Regeneration processes begin at night. You have to remove makeup well, wash well and apply the regenerating serum. What serum to apply? ask Helena Helena performs all consultations for free! After applying the serum you need, you will wake up radiant, beautiful and rested.

Is there an anti-aging skin cleanser?

Yes And it starts with cleansing the skin! Otherwise, the likelihood of premature aging increases.

Are there any contraindications to the use of anti-aging cosmetics?

Using anti-aging cosmetics at a young age is not the most appropriate. The skin itself “solves” its problems. However, there are exceptions. But in general, young skin simply needs the basic hydration components and that's it! All other components will be unnecessary.

The age of 30, 40, 50 is already a topic to delve into… It is in this age range that the skin of the face begins to feel the need for special care. The signs can be recognized with the help of a “pinch” test: pinch the skin in a fold with your fingers and observe its expansion. If it quickly returns to its original shape, the elasticity is not affected. Otherwise, it is worth paying special attention to it.

Do you have any other questions? Ask Helena right now!

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