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Crema para la piel seca: consejos de cosmetólogos para elegir una crema para el rostro

Cream for dry skin: tips from cosmetologists for choosing a face cream

How to choose the right cosmetics? This question worries all women in Spain. Nowadays, buying cosmetics is a difficult issue to choose between one manufacturer or another. In fact, the question ar...

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¿Cómo elegir una buena crema facial?

How to choose a good facial cream?

Determining your skin type at home is not as difficult as it seems. But it must be done well and with conscience. How is it done? Helena Boufal – the founder of the Natura Belaya brand – answers...

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¿Cómo elegir una crema facial? 5 tips para elegir la crema correcta

How to choose a facial cream? 5 tips to choose the right cream

The environment negatively affects the skin: it loses nutrients, moisture... And as a result, the skin tone changes to grayish and wrinkles appear. How to prevent these processes that damage the sk...

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