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About Helena

Helena Boufal - genuine ambassador of a healthy and conscious lifestyle

Helena is the representation of an international heritage, as she is the great-granddaughter of a French nobility family, born in the north of Russia, grew up in Belarus, and has lived in Spain for 21 years.

All my good eating habits and healthy lifestyle come from the beneficial influence of my father.

"Even then, in the eighties, I fasted for 16 hours, drank only freshly squeezed juices and avoided eating products made with white flour. The first time I became aware of the existence of raw food, natural medicines and cosmetics, it was through my father's books and his beekeeping."

In 1986, Helena's father decided to leave the food industry. Having worked for decades as a production director and head of research and development at a factory allowed him to acquire a deep knowledge of what was useful and what was harmful to health. Natural products and leading a healthy lifestyle were what he was most passionate about, so he decided to move with his wife and only daughter, Helena, to a family farm surrounded by vineyards, as well as apple trees and other fruit trees.

At the same time, Helena's father delved into the in-depth study of beekeeping and apitherapy. It was at that moment when she began to teach her daughter the culture of healthy living: without refined products, preservatives or colorings. Thus, Helena acquired the habit of using only organic and bio products, something she would do for the rest of her life.

Helena is sure that we are not just what we eat, but how we treat and nourish our skin also influences us. Not finding a suitable cream for her on the market, Helena decided to create a skin care solution that could serve her perfectly, and that would also be a solution for those women who strive to get a daily treatment that takes care of their skin. sublime way.


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