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Article: Cream for dry skin: tips from cosmetologists for choosing a face cream

Crema para la piel seca: consejos de cosmetólogos para elegir una crema para el rostro

Cream for dry skin: tips from cosmetologists for choosing a face cream

How to choose the right cosmetics? This question worries all women in Spain. Nowadays, buying cosmetics is a difficult issue to choose between one manufacturer or another. In fact, the question arises, how does one not get confused with the choice, for example, looking for a cream for dry skin? The experts from the Natura Belaya company in Barcelona will give us their useful advice.

The cream It is one of the main components of facial care cosmetics. There are two types of creams: night cream and day cream. Because ? Human skin performs different functions during the night and during the day. The night is a time to rest. The day is the time of “work.” Based on this, it is also necessary to “recharge” the skin with nutrients in a different way.

A face cream for dry skin should be nourishing and moisturizing. Before choosing a product, you must determine your skin type. This can be done directly by contacting our company. Natura Belaya determines skin type for free. And this is done by the founder of the brand Helena… ..

There are four types of skin:

1. dry;

2. fat;

3. normal;

4. mixed or combined.

The structure of the skin in all people is almost the same. The only difference is in the speed of function of the sebaceous glands.

A balanced skin type is considered the most ideal. Normal skin lacks shine and is not prone to acne. Wrinkles on this skin appear at a very mature age. Balanced skin does not respond to changes in the weather. A minimum investment is required for its care. The only rule is that you must not disturb the natural balance.

Dry skin also rarely gives a woman problems. Being young, one can generally forget about skin problems. The exception is the winter season. During the cold season, dry skin needs nutrients and hydration. An important point! Dry skin should be nourished and hydrated more intensely in winter. Furthermore, with age, women with this type of skin resort to anti-aging cosmetic treatments. Because? In dry skin, wrinkles appear earlier and are more noticeable – they are more pronounced. Anti-aging cosmetics will postpone the appearance of wrinkles for a sufficiently long period of time.

Oily skin already in adolescence becomes a problem. Acne appears, which naturally affects the mood of a teenager. Especially a girl. In hot climates, oily skin begins to shine when exposed to the sun and sweat at the same time. As a result, the pores become clogged with excess oil, the oil oxidizes, and blackheads form. In winter, this type of skin practically does not dry out. Wrinkles appear much later.

Combination skin is a mix of dry, normal and oily symptoms. Oily skin tricks “work” with different degrees of intensity. At the same time, the forehead, nose and chin may become covered with spots and blackheads and the cheeks may begin to sag.

Why is my skin dry?

Dry skin is a result of a lack of vitamins in the body. One of the problems is excessive tanning, photoaging. Frost and wind are also other reasons for dry skin. Fans of frequent washing are also at risk. But still, the main reason lies in the hereditary factor.

Face cream for dry skin is a must! Additionally, it should be used at a young age. It is at this age that dry skin requires nutrition and hydration. As soon as a woman has passed the age of 30, the composition of the cream should be:

• with salicylic or hyaluronic acid;

• with collagen;

• with elastin;

• with retinol;

• with vitamin D.

Furthermore, plant extracts can act as very useful components.

Application security

The texture of the cream must be taken into account when choosing! In winter, it is recommended to buy a cream with nutrients. Such cream is quite thick and oily. In a hot period, it is better to purchase cosmetics that will protect the skin from ultraviolet radiation.

If your facial skin has started to peel and turn red, you should consider purchasing a cream for dry and sensitive skin. It is even possible to use cosmetics with anti-inflammatory ingredients.

In addition to a special cream, you may need cosmetics that do not contain alcohol.

Natura Belaya recommends that women with dry skin avoid:

1. the sun;

2. swimming pool;

3. wind and frost;

4. alcohol-based cosmetics.

In fact, only natural cosmetics are suitable for dry skin.

Do you want to know your skin type?

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