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Article: How to turn dull and tired skin into radiant ones using standard makeup?

¿Cómo convertir la piel apagada y cansada en radiante usando un maquillaje estándar?

How to turn dull and tired skin into radiant ones using standard makeup?

Many of us look for ways to turn dull and devitalized skin into radiant skin by having standard makeup in our bag. Creating beautiful and complete makeup is the number one task for every woman.

Many women start doing it 30 minutes right before going out. At the same time, they run around the house, putting on a dress with one hand and painting their eyelashes with the other. This image sounds familiar to you, right? The Biopiel team believes that all girls should have radiant skin. Based on this, the article contains useful information on how to turn tired skin into a radiant one in a few steps using standard cosmetics. And do it in a very short time. Make sure you read the article until the end.

Yes indeed. If you have soft, smooth and inflammation-free skin, we can only congratulate you. Here with a light tan and a delicate blush, which looks perfect even after a sleepless night. We, mere mortals, have to work hard to achieve the effect of radiant and well-groomed skin.

In this case, the advice of professional makeup artists comes to the rescue, who know how to create the illusion of a fresh look, even if the “source material” looks like he is stressed all day and practically does not sleep. Or if your skin is covered in rashes, dark circles under your eyes and the wings of your nose are full of blackheads. A series of magical beauty products come to the rescue. And in a few minutes they can turn you into a princess with young and perfect skin.

Step 1. Elimination of edema

Swelling appears for several reasons: if you drink a lot of water the night before, eat too much salt, abuse alcohol, sleep little, get nervous, etc. It's called edema. You can massage or apply towels soaked in cold water, alternating them with hot towels. And if you have a special mask, whose action is aimed at combating edema, that would be great.

If you don't have a mask available, use patches. Fill them with a little water and, after the hydrogel dissolves, apply the resulting solution to your face as a serum. Give it a few minutes to soak in, then enjoy hydrated, puffiness-free skin.

By the way, flaky skin cannot be solved with a moisturizer, use a lip balm. Apply it with your finger to the peeling areas and wait for the product to absorb a little. It works great!

Step 2. Hydration

For some reason, many girls continue to believe that high-quality makeup can be created even on unprepared skin. Unfortunately, this is a myth. If you skip the moisturizing step, the foundation will be uneven and the makeup will instantly accentuate all imperfections. So, make sure to use your favorite cream and wait about 20-30 minutes for it to absorb. In case things go really bad, use the alginate mask, which in a matter of minutes will tighten, soften, hydrate the skin and also shrink the pores.

Step 3. Color correction

This knowledge has to reach everyone, because the skin is sensitive to a variety of factors: lack of sleep, smoking, numerous rashes, rosacea, malnutrition, etc. In this case your magic wand is color correctors. Each of them is designed to solve a specific problem. For example, if your face has turned a grayish brown after a party, use a pink concealer. Green will save you from unpleasant rashes, and orange will eliminate blue under the eyes. After that, you can safely apply your favorite makeup base, and the skin will look fresh and young.

Step 4. Add the glitter

Refreshing makeup should focus on the glow effect. To achieve this, add a drop of liquid highlighter to your foundation and create highlights on your cheekbones, in the inner corners of your eyes, above your Cupid's bow. If you don't have a highlighter in your makeup bag, a clear lip balm will become your lifesaver: it will perform the same functions.

Step 5. Apply powder

The powder sets the tone, mattifies the skin and eliminates shine. It's great to have in your bag - these products create a stunning blurring effect, which is designed to instantly correct the relief of the face, as well as give it natural freshness. The result after applying such a powder is amazing: pores disappear, the skin becomes silky to the touch, the skin looks even. And you won't need Facetune to edit the photos.

Step 6. The magic of Natura Belaya cosmetics

Surprisingly, the beauty products sold in the online store have not yet reached the cosmetic bags of many girls. But they are vital to creating a truly rested and well-groomed look.

If you do not have Natura Belaya creams within your reach, while they arrive by courier, make sure to apply a light mist of bronzer at the end of your makeup; It should be two shades darker than your skin color. Use glitter particles for evening or party makeup.

The blush also refreshes perfectly. If they are not in your arsenal, put the following old trick into service: take lipstick from a red or pink palette, apply a stick to your cheekbones several times and mix the pigment with light touches. The final result will depend on the texture of the lipstick: if you apply a moisturizer, you will get a natural effect, and if you apply a matte lipstick, a more noticeable touch.

As you can imagine, bruises under the eyes, uneven skin tone, dull skin, lack of color and healthy glow often lead to fatigue. But if you use the tips above, everyone will think that you spent a week at a resort, your skin will be radiant and well-groomed.

Now you will definitely transform, if necessary, dull and tired skin into radiant skin.

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